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Performing High Quality Flat Work Throughout NH

Flat Work in concrete is any poured surface spreading out horizontally, often called a slab. Slabs are poured and finished for patios, floors (ceilings in commercial settings), walkways, and sidewalks. Slabs contain mesh and rods of metal called rebar to help reinforce strength. In floors, control joints are cut to control cracking. For a concrete foundation contractor in Concord, NH and nearby areas that you can rely on, call us today! Read more here.

Interior vs. Exterior Flat Work

Interior concrete uses a different PSI (pounds per square inch) than exterior concrete. The higher the psi the stronger the concrete. The outdoor elements also play a large role in exterior concrete as it is exposed to natural changes and weather. When finishing an outdoor slab, you have to make sure any excess water has risen to the top so it doesn’t get trapped within the surface of the slab and cause problems in the future. Outdoor slabs require air entrainment while indoor slabs do not. Find more info here.

Outdoor flat work usually has a broom finish for traction, while indoor flat work is finished smooth. Call us today for a concrete foundation contractor in Hooksett, NH and nearby areas you can rely on.

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