Site Work

Definition Of Site Work In Construction

All work regarding the earthwork for a project. The scope of the site work package can vary considerably, however the term “site work” normally references all excavation, backfill, etc. for the project. In addition to all the earthwork required on a project the inclusion of miscellaneous items such as retaining walls, paving, concrete walks and patios, landscaping, erosion and sedimentation control, etc. can be included. The site work scope of work is in many instances, all the scope of work activities on the exterior of the project. Site utilities are normally included as well as the excavation and backfill for the electrical site lighting, the irrigation, etc. on the project. Depending on the project, a large site work contractor maybe selected as the general contractor on a large site work project. This responsibility would be determined based upon the amount of actual earthwork required, in comparison to the overall scope of the project. FAQ’s

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